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EMERGENCY MEDICAL AND SAFETY: PRODUCTS, FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT - the product selection is made by an Advance Life Support paramedic.

A) Immobilization devices: Stretchers, Splints, Collars, Extrication devices, Harness, Headblock.
B) First aid kits: Vehicle, Factory, Malaria packs & tailor-made kits.

C) PPE Disposables: Gloves, Masks, Gowns, Boots, Shoe covers, Mop caps, Helmets & Shields.

D) Respiratory care: Airways, Catheters, Laryngoscopes & Ventilators.

E) First aid, Medical emergency & Emergency response team training.

F) All medication: Emergency medical included in the DRC.

G) Supply of Malaria curative packs & in the DRC it includes the medicine.

H) On site calibration of all medical equipment & calibration of Lion alcohol breathalyzers in the DRC.

DIAGNOSTIC AND MONITORING EQUIPMENT – Equipment back-up support is rendered by highly qualified medical engineers and technicians

A) Defibrillators.

B) Patient monitors & Vital signs monitors.

C) Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope.

D) Blood pressure monitors & Pulse oximeters.    

E) Syringe drivers, Infusion pumps, Humidifiers & Nebulizers.

* We sell the top product brands and only sell equipment that we can maintain & service.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTHCARE – Equipment support is provided by manufacturers and equipment speciliasts.

A) ECG machine.

B) Audiometer and Audio booth.

C) Spirometer.

D) Vision screener.

HEALTH AND SAFETY – our staff includes a Drug testing officer & EMS doctor

A) Drug and Alcohol testing at the workplace.

            i) Assist clients with company policy & operating procedure protocols.

            ii) Supply drug tests: Urine or Saliva according to international standards.

            iii) Supply Alcohol breathalysers from Drager, Lion & Alcolizer.

            iv) Do drug education to employees remotely or on site.

LABORATORY CONSUMABLES – we employ a Microbiologist & medical technologist

A) Equipment: Autoclave, Centrifuge, Rotator, Mixer and Microscopes.

B) Glass and Plastic ware.

C) Blood collection consumables: Collection tubes, Tourniquet, Alcohol swabs and Gloves.

D) All rapid tests (list can be supplied on request).

E) Disinfectants and Sanitizers


A) Cold water sterilant.

B) Non-alcohol based cleansing wipes for Alcohol breathalysers.

C) High level stain remover Quadex Organomax. 

D) And various other products as supplied by Quadex.

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